Notification: The MOLWallet Cash-Out Limit as of 14 March 2017 is restricted to RM50 or less per transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your Questions answered in one place
How to verify my account?
  • Fill in all personal details in “Edit User Profile” page based on IC/passport.
  • MOLWallet admin team will verify your account and send you a notification within 48 hours.
  • Upon verification, you can start using your MOLWallet account.
How many accounts can I register?
One valid mobile number can be registered with one MOLWallet account.
How to ensure that my account is secure?
  • An auto lock screen appears after 1 minute of inactivity.
  • Passcode is compulsory for every “fund outflow” transactions.
  • It auto log-outs after three failed attempts of passcode entry.
  • DO NOT click links in email messages. Type directly into your browser
  • On MOLWallet site, make sure you see the lock icon in the address bar.
  • NEVER EVER enter your MOLWallet ID and passcode in non-MOLWallet app or site.
  • DO NOT share you ID and passcode with anyone.
What are the compulsory details that I should have during my registration? Are there any supporting documents required?
  • A valid mobile number,
  • Real and fullname (as it appears on IC, passport, ID etc.),
  • Home address (as in IC) and a mailing address (if different from IC),
  • A scanned copy of the IC or passport uploaded to MOLWallet account for verification.
If I am below 12 years old, can I register the account using the Mykid ID?
Unfortunately, no.
If I am a foreigner, can I register the account?
Yes, as long you have a valid Malaysian mobile number and a valid passport.
Do you keep my banking or account details if I have used any of the facilities? If yes, how do I delete it in the phone or website?
  • MOLWallet allows account holders to register Credit and Debit cards in the account for convenient use to Add Funds and make purchases. The sensitive details are not actually stored within MOLWallet but only Tokenised.
  • MOLWallet also allows account holders to register their preferred bank accounts for Cash Out. Again, this is secured with the Tokenization technology.
  • Please read more about Tokenization technology here. [click link]
  • MOLWallet Does NOT store any sensitive credentials like passwords for Internet Banking.
What are the limits for funds in MOLWallet?
  • Wallet limit - The current wallet limit approved by Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank) is MYR 1,500.00.
  • Day limit - Every day, account holders can use MOLwallet up to 3 (Three) times the limit of the MOLWallet.
How many times I can add funds in a day?
Unlimited number of times as long as the total amount is within the wallet limit and the day limit.
Can I add funds in different currencies?
Not at the moment
What is my max transaction per day?
Unlimited number of transactions as long as the total amount is within the wallet limit and the day limit.
Can I transfer money to my existing MOLPoints account?
Yes. MOLWallet can be used to reload MOLPoints account under Reloads in MOLWallet account.
How do I make a transaction on merchant e-commerce or mobile application payment page?
From the merchant’s website, select “MOLWallet” as the payment option.
How do I know the payment is successful?
Your mobile/web account will receive a notification and a confirmation receipt page on the mobile.
How many times can I perform cash out in a day?
Unlimited number of transactions as long as the total amount is within the Wallet Limt and the Day Limit
If my MOLWallet balance has been used without my authority where can I report it?
  • Please goto immediately to block your account
  • Contact MOLWallet’s customer support centre at 03-2082 1222.